As the leader of your organisation you constantly needing to adapt and respond to changes. 

You have become good at responding to change by changing your strategy. By working on your organisation and business needs.

But when it comes to leading something truly unique and stepping into your potential as a world leader, this is not enough.

I know referring to you as a world leader seems uncomfortable….but thats what I know is possible for you. Not because you want to dominate the world, but because you want to create something truly unique and meaningful that only you know how to do.

Bold Expansion is about leading a change in the way you and others think to access your capacity as a world leader.


By mastering your ability to lead transformation, you will step into a rare group of leaders who are able to work with certainty, clarity and influence in the face of instability in your environment and marketplace.

Understanding what is driving your change, will help you to see the scope and level of change you need to lead within yourself and in your organisation.

From there, you can define the strategies that will work to up-level your leadership and your organisation. 

By shifting to view your perceived problems as your drivers of change, they become the fuel and the signals for the direction of your future course. 

The solution is not to fix the problems that are external to you, but rather to change yourself so that you can expand into and lead within your new context. 

In this way, your perceived problems become your new context for your expanded leadership. Your opportunity to truly create something unique and valuable. 

Expanding into your leadership is about discovering your unique purpose.


It is the only path to the freedom that true leadership offers. 

The freedom and power to create and achieve what is most meaningful to you.

To experience joy in place of stress and anxiety. Doing only what you love.


A label that few of us are willing to own. But it is your truest nature. 

You are here to contribute something totally unique to the world.

No other person can offer what you have. Everything that has ever happened in your life has been a key piece that you needed to fulfil your unique purpose. 

What if making sense of your life had you access a new level of certainty about what you are here to create.

What if that is the certainty you need to fully step into your potential as a world leader, at that one thing that is most meaningful to you. 


The ultimate freedom is to express your most unique self through your organisation. This is the source of your leadership.

The ultimate power is to tap into your ability to create. To see a future that no one else sees and lead it into being.  

What if you could access this ultimate freedom and power to create a life that is both meaningful to you and valuable to others. 




 The ability to influence others to think and act differently is both an art and a science.

It’s the foundation of leadership. 

Clarity and certainty are the key ingredients of your influence. 

What if the clarity and certainty of your leadership enabled others to access their own power and uniqueness.

What if it enabled the right people to show up in support and partnership so that you can all make the difference you’d love to make.



So busy it’s hard to make time for yourself.

To reflect, to think and to create.

Business is about being busy. Often it is not even important whether your business is making a difference, or getting you where you’d like to be….as long as you are busy. You can distract yourself from the pain and the discomfort that comes with life.

Creating is about stepping into a new type of leadership. It’s about building a different type of organisation. 

What if mastering the art of creating and intending was less about being busy and more about envisioning your future and following your inspired guidance.




A label that few of us are willing to own. But it is your truest nature. 

You are here to contribute something totally unique to the world.

No other person can offer what you have. Everything that has ever happened in your life has been a key piece that you needed to fulfil your unique purpose. 

What if making sense of your life had you access a new level of certainty about what you are here to create.

What if that is the certainty you need to fully step into your potential as a world leader, at that one thing that is most meaningful to you. 


The biggest barrier to you accessing your unique leadership is the stories in your mind. 

Your beliefs about whats possible for yourself. 

Your beliefs about your worth and value.

Your ability to step into the self trust that enables you to be a word leader. 

What if you could pull back your illusions and beliefs that keep you from tapping into your fullest potential. 



The thing about you that is most valuable, is also the thing you care most deeply about. 

The thing you are here to lead.

This is the source of your greatest value. 

Being able to turn that thing into your greatest source of wealth is such a gift.

When work no longer feels like work, and wealth is whatever you choose it be, you ignite a new level of leadership power. 

What if living your wealthiest life, also meant doing what you would most love to do with your time.


Bold Expansion is about leading transformation in your life and your organisation to have an impact in the world that is transformative. And like with all things, it starts with you. Transforming the story of your life, into the story of your leadership. Dissolving the illusions that keep you trapped, from being able to reach the fullness of your leadership.

Your Bold Expansion Manifesto.

Your Bold Leadership Manifesto is a process of exploration. Answering the most powerful questions that have you organise the contents of your mind and develop an understanding of the power of your life to teach you everything you need to lead the transformation. 

You’ll be inspired by a new level of purpose and meaning that has you expand yourself with the certainty you need to lead. Self trust is a foundational outcome. You’ll get so much insight into who you are and what you’re here to lead that you’ll be able to show up in radically new ways.  You’ll name your bold outcome in a way that pulls you forward into your bold leadership. I’ll provide you with the deepest insight into where this seemingly unreasonable drive and determination comes from. 

With your bold leadership stand clearly articulated, you’re more influential and able to share your mission in a way that gets others excited to participate. Connecting the dots from where you are now, where you’d like to be and the impact you’d like to have, gives you the direction of your success and a clear line of sight to get there

This is the foundation from which you will then build your ‘createness’ strategy. Your 20-50 year vision for your life and organisation. Moving beyond business into fully embracing your ability to create the life you would love to live.

Your mindset, values and behaviour are the foundation of your successful transformation. Transformation in the world and in your organisation happens when you expand your ability to transform yourself. To get different results you need to uplevel your thinking, which enables you to make different decisions and take different actions. 

Your new clarity and certainty about your direction enables you to quickly identify where you have alignment with others and how you can best support one another by enabling rapid and solid partnership.

We’ll explore your decision making framework so that you can lead with greater awareness about how you are making decisions in support of you achieving your bold expansion. And you’ll get clear on what holds you back from achieving this.

I’ll lead you through a thinking process with the power to propel you forward into expansion and action like never before.

Our time together is structured around two 90 day blocks with each month having a different level of intensity and a combination of online and in person sessions. Each quarter, the structure gets repeated taking into account any changes that we make after the first quarter review.


Month One: 

Week 1:    2 hour in-person session.

Week 2-4: 2 hour online weekly session.

Month Two:

One full day session.

Month Three:

A 1 hour online weekly session.



 “In one day I was able to define an inspired vision and align my life’s trajectory with it. I was also inspired to contribute to national and planetary solutions that transform humanity to what is desirable, rather than away from what we don’t want. As usual, biomimicry lens provided a vision and regenerative perspective beyond sustainability. ”

Hannah Currier

 “I came to the course because I felt lacking in leadership skills and confidence. I see through the course how if I align my values and higher purpose and get clear about my goals, I am going to achieve my dreams. It’s taken me 40 years to realise my purpose – I highly recommend this course to everyone.”

Matthew Keulemans

 “Shannon is a profound teacher and I think what Actuality is doing in their work and the courses being offered are exactly what the world and people need. Love your work.”

Michael Fitchardt, SingularityU Cape Town

“Thank you, Shannon, it has been an amazing time where you have enabled me to see more of myself! Hopefully, these small illuminating moments have allowed me to evolve more too! Your delivery style is engaging and you are brilliant at helping people see their stuff- have breakthroughs.  Thank you so much for helping me shift and grow!”

Sune Stasson, Open Design Festival

“What an incredible, enlightening experience that challenged me on so many different levels. It really forced me to understand the DNA and origin of my personal perceptions of the world I live, play and work in. Thanks Shannon for giving me the tools to start to understand my purpose. I will certainly continue to practise this methodology so that I can get closer and closer to achieving my vision and actually start to realise the real building blocks to build a different reality that can be more inclusive and accessible to most.  I have always believed it’s possible and with these tools you have certainly empowered that belief even more. THANK YOU!”


Join the Bold Expansion to lead transformation and impact the world.

Quarter 1 (3 months)

R50 000 incl VAT.

Payment on appointment.

Quarter 2 (3 months)

R50 000 incl VAT.

Payment after Quarter 1 review.

R100 000 incl VAT



You are the leader of an organisation and you’d love to expand your ability to create more impact in the world doing something that is meaningful to you.


You would like to radically accelerate your capacity to lead this impact.


You would love to get clear on how to lead the transformation you know is possible for yourself and others.


You want to be sure that you are able to get others o align with your vision for what’s possible.


You would like to shift your limiting thinking that is in the way of you seeing and leading the fullness of your vision.


You know that your self doubt holds you back from even being bale to see yourself as a world leader.


Your organisation has just had a massive wake up call. You know you need to heed that wake up call, but you are not sure what to do about it.


Your team is just not performing at the level you need to implement the kind of transformative change you envision.


You know you want to lead breakthrough results and you are ready to commit yourself to doing what is needed to make it happen.

I’m interested in working with leaders who want to lead bold transformation. Who are being called to lead disruptive change rather than incremental change. This demands that you think strategically. Do any of these sound familiar? 

1. You’d like a complete rethink of your strategy and direction cos you know that more is possible.

2. You’re wondering whether you’re really addressing the right problem. Whether you’ve figured out the most powerful leverage.

3. You struggling to communicate your message in a way that gets the support of others.

4. You have recently taken up this new leadership and need to get everyone aligned and committed to your agenda.

5. Things have quickly spiralled out of control and you have a high conflict situation where relationships are seriously strained and you’re pushed to make a decision.

6. You’ve been mandated to achieve something that seems totally impossible to achieve in the short space of time you have.

7. You need to turn your organisation around to save both your leadership and your organisation.

8. You keen to step up your sustainability focus.

9. You are seriously challenged to figure out how to create more opportunities for people to make a meaningful living.

10. You are faced with massive social unrest.

11. You realise that you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb.

12. Your team is just not performing at the level you need to implement the kind of transformative change you envision.

13. Integration is key to achieving the results you’d like to see but trust is missing, big time!

14. You’re leading something that feels just outside of your comfort zone. You find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat wondering: “How on earth can I be successful at this”.



Here’s what I know about you:

  • You are a creative and impactful leader.
  • You want to make the world a better place, and you want to create wealth for yourself and others.
  • You are devoted to your family and the ones you love.
  • You want your work to have meaning and purpose, and achieve greatness.

Stop questioning if you’re really cut out for bold leadership. If it wasn’t for you, you wouldn’t be here.

Commit to your bold expansion today and you will get:

  • The self trust and clarity to say ‘I can’ and make it happen. 
  • The ability to influence others to think and act differently.
  • Access to your highest wisdom and insights.
  • A thinking partner who will give you ‘no bullshit’ advice (as one of my clients put it).

    Are you ready to be bold?


    Join the Bold Purpose Online Trip to change the course of your life forever.

    R1 000