Actuality is the ability for you to reach your highest potential.

Leadership is your ability to use that potential to serve others in a way that transforms the whole.


Are you ready to radically uplevel your life, your career and your ability to lead economic transformation?


Hi, I’m Shannon Royden-Turner


Are you a visionary leader who wants to really impact the world through your leadership service as a top decision maker in politics, government, academia or business?

Are you someone who is not afraid to take on existing and entrenched systems of power, knowing that nothing changes unless someone is willing to put their hand up and lead the change?

Someone who understands the value of self awareness and the power of the mind, combined with strategic and prioritised action, as a tool to transcend the limitations and obstacles in the way of leading the rise of Africa.

A leader who is dedicated to solving problems at their root cause to lead lasting change. The kind of transformational change they will be remembered beyond their lifetime.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, I think it’s time for our paths to cross.



The way I see leadership is that it has three core components:

Your Self.

Your Team.

Your Impact.

I’d love to know which of these best describes your leadership challenge right now?


The first component of leadership has to do with your self.


This is typically a priority when you want to expand your impact in the world: uplevel your client base, make a major career decision, take a big leap upwards into a high profile position or a challenging new project or define the legacy you would love to leave.


The second component of leadership has to do with your ability to inspire others to build a high performance team and partnerships.

This is often driven by the organisation consistently struggle to meet targets, a new growth and expansion strategy or a shift in organisational purpose.




The third component of leadership is about shifting the transformational impact you have in the world.

This is mostly driven by outside forces such as social unrest, exclusion, stakeholder conflict, economic uncertainty, stagnation, inequality or social and environmental injustice.

I work as a leadership coach with a focus on elevating your career goals, supporting you to exceed your targets by building a high performance team culture and expand your ability to lead economic transformation.

The methods I employ are a unique combination of everything I have learnt in working for 25 years to solve complex and seemingly impossible problems globally.

You’ll get a deep understanding of human behaviour and transformation to help you get clarity on your purpose to elevate your career, your organisation and economic impact.

You’ll get the benefit of years as a strategic advisor on large scale infrastructure, economic and business development to ensure that you accelerate results by getting crystal clear on your strategic direction and decision making framework.

You’ll get trained as an architect to understand what is needed to take your ideas and bring them into physical reality using strategic intention and awareness.

You’ll get extensive insight into multi-stakeholder facilitation combined with an ability to breakthrough conflict to support you to negotiate win-win-win-win outcomes to unlock projects, partnerships and team performance.

You’ll get global insights into the leading edge of innovation through the lense of to help you find solutions and design a world that works for ESG and impact rather than regulate a world that doesn’t work.

Finally you’ll be blown away by the power of an executive mindset coach who can identify the mindsets and limiting beliefs that hold you back from stepping more fully into your leadership capacity and self worth, to ensure that you are able to expand your impact and leave a legacy.

An insight into some of the clients I’ve had the privilege of working with and the shifts they have experienced as a result:

Recently I have been working in partnership with a very dynamic women to bring together 1000 top leaders from across the African continent at an event in Victoria Falls in November and delivering a year long Actuality Leadership for Economic Transformation. What a steep learning curve this has turned out to be.

The CEO of the one of the Special Economic Zones in South Africa to determine whether she would love to secure another 5 years in office or define something more purposeful and aligned with who she is. She also wanted to clearly define the 5 year vision and strategy for the organisation so that if she chose to leave, the organisation and its leaders would be set up to succeed.

I worked with the acting CEO of the Saldanha Bay SEZ to secure her the position of CEO, and empower the Board to better understand the SEZ, overcome conflict with the community and build a culture of integration and accountability throughout the executive team.

I worked with the COO of a production company in Hollywood responsible for putting on the Emmy Awards and other such prestigious events, to determine her life’s path and own her value in the company. As a result of our work together, she has just been appointed CEO.

An Emmy Award winning film director in Hollywood who wanted to uplevel the quality of clients she was working with.

And the COO of JP Morgan in London who wanted to reimagine his life in a new direction.

I’ve supported a political leader in Zimbabwe who is running for President in 2024, and two traditional leaders in South Africa to define their vision for future development in their communities.

The diversity of amazing people I get to work with is such a gift.

If you would love to reach into more of your potential as a leader, please connect.


“I was able to define an inspired vision and align my life’s trajectory with it. I was also inspired to contribute to national and planetary solutions that transform humanity to what is desirable, rather than away from what we don’t want, providing me with a vision and regenerative perspective beyond sustainability. ”