Actuality is the state where you access your highest potential and purpose to become an unstoppable force for change.

Leadership is your ability to use your potential to lead transformative change to build an inclusive and sustainable Africa.

Are you ready to set yourself apart as a leader in Africa?


By building your capacity to lead change, especially transformation, you will get results that others think are impossible to achieve.

By levelling the ‘powerfield’ and building trust between multiple stakeholders, project partners and consultants you will experience a new level of freedom to express your ideas, break down silo’s, manage expectations, breakthrough conflict and build a culture of responsibility,  unlocking shared value and investment.

By working with a set of strategic principles to guide ESG thinking you will accelerate decision making and your ability to lead transformational change. No more business as usual in Africa.

By building a high performance culture in your organisation you will accelerate the delivery of targets.

By understanding the principles of human behaviour you will be empowered to transform the single greatest risk to leading change and creating value- people.

You have the potential to change the course of Africa forever.


The question is do you know how to access your potential to lead others to realise the change you’d love to create?


Expand your Influence and get a 1400% ROI

Saldanha Bay SEZ achieved a 1400% return on the investment they made into working with me.

When you learn to use the same framework I used to achieve this, imagine what you can unlock in your own organisation.


“In one day I was able to define an inspired vision and align my life’s trajectory with it. I was also inspired to contribute to national and planetary solutions that transform humanity to what is desirable, rather than away from what we don’t want. This programme provided a vision and regenerative perspective beyond sustainability. ”

Debra Roberts. eThekweni Municipality Climate and Environmental Protection Unit

“We wanted to be able to drill down the global debate and find something practical at the local level. I’m excited here as I think this could be ground breaking stuff. I did not expect that level of advancement. Really well done.”

Silindile Zungu, Saldanha Bay SEZ Investment

“The last session we had was absolutely everything I didn’t even realize I needed, till this day I am still trying to dissect some of the things that came out of that session and when I tell you how it left me completely mindblown but everything started making sense after that, especially with regards to my choices and my relationships and personal life.”


“I wanted to thank you so much for the guidance, patience and love you showed me during this journey and for the insights and intelligence you shared, you have truly changed my perspective and in turn my life, I will be forever grateful for you Shannon.”

Saldanha Bay SEZ Executive

“Yes, I would definitely recommend this programme to others. I think the framework from this programme is vital for the transformation and development perspective of our country, so I think the more people are aware of this framework the better it would be for those in government positions to develop well informed policies to drive our efforts of transformation and development.”

Michael Fitchardt, SingularityU Cape Town

“Thank you, Shannon, it has been an amazing time where you have enabled me to see more of myself! Hopefully, these small illuminating moments have allowed me to evolve more too! Your delivery style is engaging and you are brilliant at helping people see their stuff- have breakthroughs.  Thank you so much for helping me shift and grow!”

 You will be empowered with:

The ability to lead transformation and create the kind of change you would love for yourself, your organisation and for Africa.

A powerful framework and tools to lead transformation successfully to overcome resistance and increase your influence.

The capacity to lead and build a high performance team to deliver results.

Expanded self worth and with that your ability to expand your wealth.

The ability to level the powerfield to negotiate win-win-wins.

An understanding of how to build the kind of trust that unlocks investment into ESG and impactful projects focused on sustainable and inclusive futures.

A set of strategic ESG Principles to accelerate your ability and confidence to make rapid decisions.

A deep reverence for your own life’s purpose and with that a new level of clarity and certainty that sets you apart, accelerating your career trajectory.

A community of likeminded leaders working to unlock the potential of Africa.


Actuality Leadership programme is structured to support you in learning a powerful framework for leading transformation and applying what you learn to accelerate the results you are able to get from leading change in your life, your organisation and your country.

The programme will run from 5 December 2022- 30 April 2023

From December to early January you will be focused on exploring the Mindset Shifts needed to lead transformation. You will receive 3 videos to watch in your own time that guide you through some critical mindset work in preparation for our first full day session together.

Between January and April you will attend 3 full days online where we combine building you knowledge of the Actuality Leadership framework and the application of it to your specific challenges.

Between January and April we will host a 1 hour weekly online Strategic Conversation to support you with application and importantly to build community and learn from other participants. 

A powerful Monthly 1:1 online session (4 sessions in total) to build your certainty and clarity about your leadership mission, expanding your level of influence.


R30 000 incl VAT.

Payment options:

Upfront payment R25 000 incl VAT. (16% discount)

Monthly R6000 incl VAT over 5 months.