We are Architects of Economic Transformation.

We are committed to building a new generation of leaders in Africa who can lead economic transformation.

We work with organisation to support them in achieving their economic transformation performance targets in a way that is aligned with the spirit of the organisation to inspire and accelerate new growth.

We stand for meaningful transformation that is central to your organisation’s growth strategy.

Architecture for Economic Transformation is the methodology we have developed over the past 25 years to support organisations such as yourself to implement successful economic transformation change management and change leadership strategies.


“I wanted to thank you so much for the guidance, patience and love you showed me during this journey and for the insights and intelligence you shared, you have truly changed my perspective and in turn my life, I will be forever grateful for you Shannon.”


“And you know what, I actually thank the person that I have been clashing with now because somehow they got me out of my laurels. I would not have done it any other way. I see now that the clash has woken me up. It was challenging but it also supported me to become a bigger version of myself. To step into another level.”


“The last session we had was absolutely everything I didn’t even realise I needed, till this day I am still trying to dissect some of the things that came out of that session and when I tell you how it left me completely mindblown but everything started making sense after that, especially with regards to my choices and my relationships and personal life.”


“Learning new and healthier ways to come to terms with and process conflicting views and opinions. Learning to properly recognise the drawbacks and benefits of every situation so that you can lead instead of being led by the circumstances you find yourself in. Seeing your true potential and coming to the realisation that it is endless.

This leadership development framework has been so fascinating in so many ways, it has been a sense of awakening to my world view of how I used to perceive things mostly in a one dimensional manner which usually clouded my judgement and prevented me from seeing the bigger picture in most situations that I encountered in life. It is inspirational that this framework was able to unravel layers of awakening to my life vision and purpose.”


“Through the work with you, I have been inspired to question long held beliefs and accepted “truths”, on a personal and professional level. This has allowed me to rethink the way I approach my work and how I show up in engaging with the stakeholders of my organisation. This type of reflection has already had an impact in how I engage with my colleagues at my organisation as well as shaped my thoughts when I’m required to provide strategic input regarding certain aspects of my organisation. 

Something magical happens when you see how your purpose links to the work you are doing. This programme helped me to see the link. Suddenly there was this fire for my work and to do better. When I face challenges, my purpose keeps me going and now I know to go back to it! To know this has been so inspiring and this programme taught me that.”


“Learning how to manage my stress/anxieties through the methods I learnt on how to empty your mind is such a game changer for me. The morning meditations provided so many lessons on how to quiet my mind and manage my anxiety. Because of the programme I did not even have to go to the employee wellness psychologists hired by the company.”


“For the first time in my life I wrote down my purpose and my bold outcome. To finally write this down has been so inspiring in such a way I cannot describe. I am constantly getting ideas coming to my mind about my bold outcome, it has become so alive inside of me I feel the energy of it move me so often.”


“The group sessions have been so inspiring, I feel we got so much closer from the sessions. I feel ok to be vulnerable in front of them now, to speak how I feel and that has just been so inspiring for me. I think something great can come out of the sessions and there is still so much to unpack. Sometimes we couldn’t attend because there was a lot that week, but all of us loved the sessions. I will miss them.”


“This programme taught me the importance of personal development, how it is such a key to success. This programme was also a confirmation for me, that I am on the right path. It validated the things I was feeling, that indeed they are true. That has been so inspiring. 

I will end with the 4-hour session, which gave me a new outlook to my life. My life turned out perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m all good and so grateful to see this. I am not a victim.”


“Professionally the course has allowed me to take baby steps (slow and unsure) towards finding my voice and contributing to strategic discussions within my organisation. I have learnt that leadership has to be bold and purposeful to succeed, and though I have a way to go yet, understanding this as a basis, has been a breakthrough and will hopefully serve as a base camp for future growth. Secondly, over the next few years my organisation and its staff will have to be able to hold contrasting views and at various times shift its mind-set (s) to grow and evolve, the course has helped me understand this.”


“I loved how the Thursday sessions held space for us to express ourselves. If I look from the beginning of the sessions, I see a big difference and that is growth to me.

During the programme, I realised my anxieties were messages. Almost all of the time for me, its something I need to attend to. It’s a message and all I need to do is listen, trap it on a piece of paper, a diary and attend to it.

Every time I allow myself to move into the unknown, things get clearer.”


“I have definitely recommended it to some of my friends. We are living in an era of depression and constant self-reproach, because of these ideals that are propagated through social media and various platforms. We very often operate from lack and expect to make a difference in the world when we have not worked on ourselves. 

These sessions have been a powerful instrument to learning that every situation has both good and drawbacks in it, and to stop operating from a place of ‘disadvantage’ and lack. I have learned to treasure each life lesson and use these lessons for empowerment.”


“Yes, I would definitely recommend this programme to others. I think the framework from this programme is vital for the transformation and development perspective of our country, so I think the more people are aware of this framework the better it would be for those in government positions to develop well informed policies to drive our efforts of transformation and development.”


“Wholeheartedly. In a world becoming increasingly more polarised and filled with “noise”, the tools that the course makes available to you will become increasingly important in helping you find your own voice (being bold) and bring groups of people together (leading) to achieve something meaningful and lasting.”