You probably wondering what trade and investment has to do with trust.

Hopefully by the time we are done, you will realise that trade and investment has everything to do with trust.



Somehow we have forgotten that trade and investment is actually about people.

And not just about people, but about the relationships between people. 

You are able to trade when you address the needs of another person or group of people, and those people trust that you will deliver what you say you will deliver.

You are able to secure investment because someone trusts that you will deliver a return on their investment.

It always comes down to an exchange between people.

But somehow we lose sight of this.





Every exchange that happens takes place between people.


And both trade and investment are exchanges.

So the success of trade and investment deals relies on the success of the relationships between the people who are negotiating an exchange.


But this gets very little attention.

It takes a lot of time, but people often refer to it as a nuisance.

Or talk about how people just get in the way.

This is crazy because no trade or investment would happen without an exchange taking place between people. 




The first step in negotiating any deal is building relationships.

A contract will only be signed and a deal concluded when a level of trust has been reached between two parties.

And yet we know so little about building trust.


And to make it more complex, when we are talking about Intra-Africa trade and investment, we are talking about trading with different cultures.

In other words, building trust between people of different cultures.

That obviously becomes infinitely more challenging

And if you don’t have the tools to know how to build trust it can be a slow and cumbersome process. Or even worse go no where in the end after spending months negotiating.





After 25 years of working to unlock development, trade and investment I realised that this was the most important question I needed to answer to make it happen.




And I am certain that this will be the key to expanding your business or organisational leadership to take advantage of the AfCFTA and the opportunities it opens for Intra-Africa trade and investment.


You can have all the policy, information, marketing strategies, business strategy, financial resources and networks; but if you don’t know how to build trust you are unlikely to be able to grow your business, secure investment, create an impact or have the kind of influence you need to make a difference.


In this programme you will come to understand why you trust some people and not others.

You will learn how to expand your own self trust so that you can expand your level of influence.

You will learn how to build a foundation of trust with others so that you can accelerate your trade and investment deals.





This is designed for you if you would love master trust building at the same time as being able to build community with a network of other leaders also working to unlock the economic potential of the AfCFTA.


The groups are limited to 4 people per group to ensure that you get personal attention as well as working with a group of powerful leaders who face similar challenges to you that you can learn from and build a support network with.


STRUCTURE: Over a four week period you will be introduced to how to expand your self trust and build trust with others so that you can accelerate your business growth and influence where it can make the biggest difference.

COST: R4000 incl VAT.




This programme is designed for you if you would like to get my full attention on your specific trade or investment negotiation to accelerate its outcome.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a slow and cumbersome process of negotiation or deal making, working 1:1 with me will rapidly accelerate your ability to close the deal with less stress and anxiety, saving you time and money now.

As your self trust expands so does your self worth. You’ll have a greater probability of securing more than you even dreamt possible.

STRUCTURE: Weekly 1:1 session for one hour over a period of 7 weeks.

COST: R35 000 incl VAT.





If you are working on negotiating a high stakes deal, whether its an investment, a partnership or your next big career move then this programme is for you.

Negotiating a deal requires a deep understanding of people, trust and power. Having a thinking partner that can help you to understand the invisible aspects of hidden agendas, distrust and conflict that slow down progress is critical when the stakes are high.


STRUCTURE: Over a 7 week period you have full access to my time and my ability to provide you with insights that others cant fathom because they don’t have  access to inspired information or the depth of understanding of human behaviour that I have.


COST: R100 000 incl VAT.